Even though it sounds like it, this is not satire

I got five easy tips for you if you want to be more professional. It’s going to sound contradictory, even like satire, but I assure you that if you follow these five steps, you’ll stay employed or move up in no time.

1. Don’t disagree but be a free thinker

Don't say things like “No” to your manager…


Death of the holidays

This will be the first Thanksgiving and Christmas I will spend without my family. Maybe you can relate. The members of my family are Fox News-obsessed Trump fans. My mother especially has specifically indicated that she has no interest in getting together for the holidays because she is upset about…


Quotes from the vault

Anxiety is as old as philosophy is. Stoicism may be cornering the market on anxiety relief right now, but throughout history, many philosophers have contributed their thoughts on the subject. Believe it or not, these provocations can be immensely helpful in tackling today’s largest mental health crisis.

Let’s break these…



The issue of God is perhaps one of the most complex and long-standing traditions in philosophy. After all, what started philosophy if it wasn’t…What are we doing here? What caused this? No matter what your belief system is, there’s a lot of cool stuff to think about.

The problem? These…


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