5 Best Quotes For Getting Happiness Back In Your Life

Many philosophers touch on it, but few listen

6 min readApr 19, 2022
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We all want peace, happiness, and contentment but we can’t get there by trying to control everything.

I’m here to tell you, that the path to peace and contentment is often different from what we think it is. In many cases, the time to act is really the time to relax. The path to more control is letting go of control to some degree.

But just don't take my word for it. I’ve scoured centuries of history, philosophy, and psychology to show you 5 of the best quotes I could find on regaining control, finding peace, and living free.

1. Manas Disoriya

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Because of social media especially, we can get sucked into spending time on the “performative.” We may be allocating time for demonstrating our value which even overshadows the time we are conducting acts of value. We are on this global stage that often pressures some to prove to the world that we are good people.

Even outside of social media, we spend a lot of resources putting on a show, putting substance on the back-burner. It's as if the public validation for an act became more valuable than the inner contentment we feel when actually doing something.

Are you feeling overwhelmed…let down….ignored? You may be putting too much emphasis on what others think. We lean hard on everyone else telling us who we are because we think our opinion isn’t enough. That’s too much responsibility to put on the world, and the outcome will disappoint you. The only person who can tell you are a good person is you. Becoming dependent on others to maintain your self-worth can lead to suffering because you’re giving away too much control where you should have it.

2. Albert Einstein

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