5 “Guy” Things That Are Bullshit

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5 min readJan 5, 2022
Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

“Alpha Male”

Alpha…Sigma…Beta…this shit has to stop. We are not wolves. It’s just sad.

If you’re a lost man, you may have resigned yourself to some sad redpill group and adopted this terminology. Taking refuge in a toxic oasis for the downtrodden, you may feel like by pooling your misery together, you will somehow magically become a “high-value male.” And of course, you get funneled into buying some masculinity courses that promise your revenge on the females who did not accept you before (even though you probably never tried or acted creepy).

Run! It’s not real. Not only is publicly calling yourself alpha considered a beta thing, but it’s also laughably lame. It’s about as cringe as someone who demands to be called by a nickname they chose. Outside of these groups and influences, in the real world, it is not anything redeemable.

Comingling with a bunch of other losers and calling yourself “alpha” does not actually do anything for you. Work hard. Try things. Make mistakes. Figure it out. Succeed. Fail. Just get off this teet because it's leading you down the dark path.

Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash

Craft Beer

The explosion of microbreweries in the last 10 years has brought an entire generation of annoying man-boys hooked on the latest craft beer. Spending all their time arguing about beer, taking pics of beers instead of with their friends, checking and rating beers on an app, dragging their girlfriends all around town to the next “hot” brewery, all for what is basically shrouded alcoholism.

It’s just like how the alkies did wine. They made it cultured, they studied the various regions and grapes, and could talk articulately about it so it made it more elevated and different than a hobo with a jug of vodka.

There’s more. The popular beers nowadays are loaded with calories and by law don't have to be marked with nutritional information. The hazy beers, milkshake IPA’s, fruited sours, and imperial stouts are not only very strong in alcohol but loaded with…




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