5 Unpopular Things That Are Not A Ripoff

Put your money where the value is

6 min readSep 25, 2022


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If you are a fan or even just read my last big hit, “If You Buy Into This, You’re Being Ripped Off”, you’ll know I can be quite a negative piece of shit. But I have a positive side, a side that doesn't tear down, but lifts up. Below, are 5 unpopular things I see giving quite a lot of value.

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Paid Apps

American are easily fooled by the word “free” and think anything, including free apps, are actually free. We do not value our time enough, thinking that time is not equivalent to money. Whether it be Youtube, Spotify, or Duolingo, the paid app is always worth it because you don’t need to watch the ads. Think about how much time you spend waiting for ads under the guise of it being a “free” experience. Even if it’s one of those silly games, you really rather watch minutes of ads to get another ball or turn?!?

I didn’t actually start learning a language well until I upgraded to the paid Duolingo which is about $6 a month. Instead of being halted and distracted by ads, I was able to just keep learning for hours uninterrupted, instead of drudging through all the other noise. I don’t know you, but you are worth it, I promise you. We weren’t meant to sit through hours of ads our whole life just because we want things for free. It’s not free, if it’s “free”, you are the product.

If I use an app, it’s paid. I want to receive what I came for and that’s it, not the other junk that comes with it. Watching ad-free with Spotify or Youtube paid is a whole different experience, you can actually enjoy what you wanted to receive.

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High-quality clothes

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