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I was recently named a Top Medium Writer last month. I was delighted to earn the extra bonus and it felt good, but was also a bit confused. Why me?

I think that I do hold a reasonable mix of self-respect and humility in my writing. It’s ok, but it’s not the best. I do try to put effort and convey my ideas as clearly as possible, but I experiment quite a bit, rarely chase trends, and don't usually write what the larger publications want.

I haven’t written an article in a month. The last few I’ve written months ago…

Last year, I wrote a widely-read article called, “I Tried the Maffetone Method For a Year” exploring what the method is, my experience, as well as the upsides and downsides. It’s simple yet effective in running long distances, building aerobic conditioning, burning fat, and ultimately getting faster while reducing injury.

The Method: You take 180 and minus your age, doing all your runs under that prescribed heart rate(bpm).

As I began another cycle this year, I am learning tons more. I am realizing why I failed before and why so many others don't succeed.

The Need for Speed

The mainstream running culture is steeped…

An IG story showed me we have more in common than I thought

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I have a hard time relating with most of the people I’m connected with on social media. I know we don't see eye to eye on a lot of social issues and it makes communicating awkward. It feels like everyone is their own island nowadays. However, on a whim, I decided to share the old ice-cream truck display from when we were all kids. I didn't think much of it or that I would get much of a response, but the results were staggering.


Clue: It’s in your hands

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I am obsessed with learning things faster. I’ve embraced my impatience as a virtue, as it has led to the creativity that finds ways to cut learning time.

Learning a language takes more than Duolingo. It involves extreme immersion. Surrounding and submerging yourself with the language you want to learn so that it becomes second nature. My mother was an immigrant that learned basic English in a matter of months out of necessity. We often don’t have the same circumstances, but we need to create them if we really want to become fluent.


According to Steve Kaufman, linguist master and…


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You finally have the funds, should you save it or invest? Financial influencers have had different takes on this recently. Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been paraphrased saying, “Don't let the money sit in your savings account, it’s a waste. Invest it so your money can grow.” Gary Vaynerchuk has also come out this year urging people to “Save cash!”

Who’s wrong? Well, no one and everybody. People feel the need to storm towards one camp over the other, but really these perspectives are just parts of a more comprehensive financial strategy.

Going bare for Bitcoin

I have worked diligently this year to get my finances in order and build a sound investing strategy. But all this excitement over Bitcoin has me FOMO’ing hard. I wanted to get some but wasn’t willing to sell my car, eat ramen all month, or take out of any of the accounts I worked hard to put together. Instead, I wanted to get some more “meat” on the table. How would I make a few hundred dollars so I could invest? …


Also, what the best sea salt is

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The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea” — Swedish Proverb

Salt has an amazing track record throughout world history for being nutritious and valuable. The word “salary” comes from salt, as Roman soldiers were paid in salt when it was the main currency centuries ago and treasured highly for its uses. The word for salad derives from “herba salata” or “insalata” for short, which means “greens in salt”, and was considered one of the main healthy cornerstones of our diet at the time and still is.


The past, present, and future of the handshake

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I don't know about you, I am a total handshake person. Whether it be business or personal, the handshake serves as a connective primer for building instant trust and rapport. Someone's willingness to touch hands is an instant affirmation that you are indeed not a leper, or at the very least, not an enemy.

What I am wondering…when will it be acceptable to shake hands again? In order to answer this question for myself and many others, we need to get into my travel machine.


Foolproof plan to build wealth

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So, you’re finally ready to invest.

But what do you invest in? There are millions of options to choose from. You know nothing. You trust no one. It can so overwhelming that it may keep you from going for it. It happened to me.

Shortly into my 30s, I realized I had not invested much in my future and tired of seeing so many get wealthy while I watched on the sidelines.

After a lot of reading and listening, experimenting, and failing. …


Somewhere in my thirties, I start getting worried about my financial situation. I hadn't saved much, invested much, and was just living month to month. I delved into every financial book, podcast, and Youtube video I could sink my teeth into. I learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes, had some successes, but ultimately have gained greater skills in managing money. Here is one key thing I found out and that you can start today.

Credit vs. Debit

Do not use debit cards. Don't ever use them if you can swing it.


Because credit cards are infinitely better.

For a lot…

Bradley S.

Writer and guinea pig behind the Worst Runner. Experimenting with running and life.

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