Provided by the masters of modern thought

1. Freud

When anyone disagreed with Sigmund Freud, he simply told the person they were repressed. The reason someone is not agreeing with you isn't your fault, it is the fault of the person’s unconscious inability to let themselves understand your argument. The confrontation with the information hits a bit too close…


A book review

Just like the old saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” it is clear the generalist is stigmatized in our culture. Conventional wisdom implies that specialization is essential if one wishes to experience career, financial, and personal success.

The original quotation though was actually, ‘“Jack of all trades…


is there still hope for it?

1. Foggy Glasses

A lot of people like to call the Right fascist. I don’t think it deserves to be put at that level. Fascism, while terrible, typically has a clear vision and goals it wants to achieve. The Right nowadays doesn’t seem to have a coherent vision at all. …


Philosophize with a sickle and hammer…or Das Kapital

The quick answer: Capitalist

The fun answer: Marxist/Communist

The real answer: Neither

Let’s take a look:


Nietzsche supports capitalism because it is a resilient system that keeps moving, evolving, and changing no matter what society and history throws at it for the last few hundred years. Ideally, capitalism is a…


and a shred of hope

1. There are too many kinds

There are only a few kinds of Republicans, but there are at least a dozen different kinds of Leftists. The problem is, while the Left has intelligent people, they can’t agree on anything and spend most of the time arguing their position, instead of mobilizing together.

The people on the…


Writer, experimenting with life.

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