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In a few sentences

The philosophy of beauty, or aesthetics, is a really unique segment of thought. It’s often hard to describe, even for philosophers. But because it’s hard to explain, it often leads to the most beautiful paradoxes and complex ideas.

I am going to take 10 of the best philosophy quotes on…


Are we just a bunch of suckers?

As an American, I feel like we’re sitting ducks when it comes to predatory business practices. Maybe we just don't question things or think about them enough. Anyways, here are 10 of America's biggest ripoffs.

1. Fees

“Service fee, convenience fee, facility fee, transaction fee.” …


I’m starting to think…yes

I have studied Italian for 1–2 hours each day this year. I’ve completed all of Duolingo, homework, speaking practice, movies, and books. It’s starting to feel hopeless as it doesn't seem like I am anywhere near fluency.

It’s very frustrating because learning a second language is on my bucket list…


take on the greats

Reading philosophy may be one of the most challenging activities because the subject matter is often so dense, technical, and abstract. Fear not, I have several different ways that I read philosophy books that may help you. …


What will Silicon Valley think of next?

It used to be that our lives could be sort of unstimulating, and what we needed and craved was excitement.

Now with our phones and Internet-enabled devices, we are over-stimulated and need to escape excitement. The constant bombardment of flashing images and digitized stimuli are releasing too much dopamine all…


Society in decline, the novel, nature

I will read a book, and immediately think after, “What was the main point here? What statement can encapsulate what I just read?

This is where you come in! Maybe you’re just on the go, maybe you just want to gauge interest before you read it, but I want to…


Politics are about to get very interesting

The food shortage is real. Many distributors aren't offering as many products to stores lately, leaving markets and customers scratching their heads. Everyone just labels it as “supply chain issues” due to the pandemic.

Let’s be frank. There’s plenty of food for the time being. But there are fewer people…


I’m constantly reading running books, and beyond just the practical information, often the greatest lessons come through the narratives of abstract ideas. Running methodology definitely goes beyond the structure of running plans and technical advice, and the emotional concepts we encounter can provide us the motivation to follow our prescribed…


An agnostic’s guide

A lot of people I talk to are either vehemently opposed to or zealously vested in BitCoin. This article is not for them.

There are so many people in the middle who are like…What the hell is it? What does it do? Should I care? …

If I were to describe the current health crisis in one phrase, it would be “death by a thousand cuts.” Being healthy or unhealthy is not always about one large issue, but an accumulation of bad habits that eventually turn the body on itself. …


Writer, experimenting with life.

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