How Should Female Politicians Behave?

6 min readAug 21, 2022


Photo courtesy of South China Post

In case you live under a rock, the Finnish PM Sanna Marin came under fire recently for some leaked videos featuring her behaving in a lewd and unprofessional manner. She is basically dancing provocatively and acting sexy, which apparently in the eyes of most of the world is a big no-no.

Uh oh….female politician has a pulse and a social life where she occasionally has a personality, move over Ukrainian War, this is the big-time news!

The Argument

This controversy is not about sexism, it’s been crafted that way by sly journalists who want clicks. This is what happens: Guys who haven’t been laid for 10 years come in with their misogynistic two cents, then angry women hammer back with their trauma-based rhetoric, and the whole thing turns into just another enormously polarized but vapid display of our downfall in establishing a decent society.

This controversy is really just about personal life versus professional life. Many of us deal with this, at work we conduct ourselves in a relatively sanitized manner so as to maintain a productive and “healthy” corporate culture, and then on the weekend, we are on a diving board naked holding a bottle of tequila with everyone daring us to backflip into the pool. We aim to keep these lives separate because cross-contamination may affect our others see us at work and threaten the respect we need in order to be successful in a career.

So take all your sexist what-about-isms which regard Trump, Macron, Biden, or any other example you can try to relate this with, put them in a large sack, and throw them into the ocean where they will never be found again.

Photo by Apoorv Sharma on Unsplash


This is where it’s going to get quite liberal so for you tight-asses out there, this may be your time to leave.

While I agree that when you are part of a company or a civil servant for a government, you are no longer just your personal self, but an extension of the branding for a larger whole, I think we need to establish a line.




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