I Tried the Reframe App To Cut Back Drinking

An honest review

6 min readJul 17, 2022


Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

I didn’t become a full-blown alkie during the pandemic, but I think it’s fair to say that drinking became more normalized and consumption was higher during 2020–2021. I was looking to experiment with strategies for cutting down once I started to get back out and see the world again.

Joining A.A., going to therapy, or some outpatient detox program seemed drastic. I don’t want to get insurance involved or do some huge excavation on my life…I want to have a few less beers each week. It’s called “grey area’” drinking; when you’re drinking but you’re not quite in the danger zone yet and it’s usually a socially acceptable amount.

So I tried the Reframe app. It’s a bit like Noom but for drinking instead of weight loss.

Good News

I am not sponsored by Reframe or here to sell you anything. I feel like it’s my life’s calling to experiment with new technologies to educate others. Medium offers the perfect vantage to share my experiences as my life as a guinea pig. If you have wanted to cut back on drinking, I am sure Reframe has made its way into your social media feed. Many of you may be thinking of pulling the trigger and I am offering you a walk-through before you decide to take the leap and submit your financial information.

What is Reframe?

Reframe does offer some info on their approach online but the overall concept of the app seems mysterious until you actually join to find out. Reframe is an app that provides an alcohol-reduction program based on coaching, logging activities, and positive psychology. The bottom line is that it is an accountability tool that will force you to think about how many drinks are put into your body.

You get a series of exercises each day to complete that keep you focused on your goals. When you start Reframe, it will ask you a bunch of questions about yourself which will guide the app to customize a program just for you. Reframe will provide a program that matches what goals you have, it can be…