Tales From a Private Detective: Part 2

Welcome back to the series! The life of a P.I. can be so unpredictable, going from mind-numbing boredom to extreme stress within moments. The following story illustrates just hard the pendulum swings!

It was snowy and bitter winter day. I was heading out early, but my wife half-awake, still mustered to warn me about driving on such super icy roads. I muttered back, “Sure” as I questioned to myself, what’s the worst that could happen? A winter investigation can be slow with people staying inside because the weather stinks. I’ll probably just sit somewhere, try not to freeze to death, and drink coffee.

I ended up at the surveillance site for the investigation in perfect form. There were heaps of snow on my vehicle but I parked under a covered parking spot. This meant no one could see me easily but a little window clearing could be made to see what’s happening around me. The portable heater was blasting, had plenty of food, and no one knew I was there.

Just as I was getting tired of the day going so well, the subject came out of their residence, proceeded to brush off their car, and zoomed out of the parking lot. Here we go! The roads were very slippery, but the subject didn’t use any cautionary speed and I struggled to keep up. Somehow though I managed to not lose them after catching some lights and sparse traffic. I felt lucky considering how fast the subject had gone that I had not lost them yet!

I saw the car about to pass a yellow light and decided I would not risk losing them again, speeding up to make the light as well. They didn’t take the yellow as expected, and instead stuck at the light. Too late for me, I was already pressing on the brake pedal and unable to stop, sliding uncontrollably towards the subjects car. BOOM! Collision.

I woke up with my airbag in my face, slowly coming back into consciousness and trying to comprehend what had happened. The subject had exited his car, checking on me and asking if I was alright. I nodded with as much motor control as I had. I exited my car and saw that the whole right-front side of the car severely damaged. It being a new car, I was so worried about what this was going to cost me. The police arrived and asked me to report to the nearby station. I was surprised, but my car still drove despite it looking like it been smashed by Godzilla. The radiator and engine had somehow remained unaffected. I dug deep, pulling it together even with feeling slightly injured towards the destination.

When I arrived at the police station, the front desk person told me to go a room and wait until an officer came to collect my information. The room I entered had a coffee, water, some chairs, and there was the person whose car I hit sitting there! Still feeling disorientated, I also felt an adrenaline blast as I was scared of talking to a person I had been doing surveillance on all day. I hoped I would not have to sit here long as I worried that the subject would figure out who I was and what my intentions were.

We made idle conversation for some time, while I stared at the door waiting for someone else to arrive. As we continued to chat, we eventually found a lot of things in common, being into a lot of the same music, movies, and having some shared friends. Hours went by, and the conversation got deeper as we delved into more personal stories and my ability to shroud who I was and what I do got more an more difficult. We laughed, we cried, I told them some of the most private things about me, and vice versa. Eventually though, the reporting officer came in to collect my information. Before I left, we met for a final handshake and a bro hug.

It wasn’t the last I seen of the guy though. We had exchanged contact info, continued talking, and hanging out well after the accident. To this day, we remain friends despite not ever telling him what I was doing out there on that snowy day. I think it would be weird to mention it now after it being so long. And that’s what friendships are made of people, smash your vehicle into someone under false pretenses, and let the bromance unleash!

Writer and guinea pig behind the Worst Runner. Experimenting with running. I also write about money, drinking, not drinking, humor, and the occasional feelings.

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