Do Straight Guys Even Like Women?

What the latest queer theory suggests

4 min readNov 27, 2021


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A lot of people have been thinking…what the hell happened to dating? Where did all the good men/women go? Why are young men having less sex? A lot of the queer theorists I have been reading lately provide at least some of the answers to what is happening to today’s sex culture.

These theories will ruffle the feathers of a lot of people, especially insecure men. Be warned.

1. Straight Guys Don’t Like Women

Straight guys don’t actually like women. They like certain parts of the female anatomy or certain value that females bring to their public identity, but they don't actually like them for who they are. Straight guys want to be around other guys who they understand and respect as peers. Men have a hard time emphasizing or talking with women because it involves a level of communication and vulnerability that they find stressful, so ultimately they want to hang out with other guys and do manly things, so they feel manly and free. Women are like the superego that is there to restrain, whereas male company brings forth the repressed id through debauchery and cruelty. One feels repressive, the other feels liberating, what do you think would be preferable by someone is pretending to be someone else!

2. Straight Guy Sex

Guys don't want to have sex because they like sex. Guys are not even having sex to get validation from women, but having sex with women to get validation from men. Men they either know in their social circle or just to establish rank amongst other men in general.

This is why Straight Guy sex often can seem so disconnected, vapid, cold, and unaccommodating to the woman. Men are basically masturbating with another person’s body. It takes a lot more mental connection to have a truly authentic sexual experience between two people and the two sexes are rarely able to reach this point due to the lack of communication and mutual respect.

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3. Straight Men Are Not Really Straight