The Most Upsetting Trends of 2022

Scams, Aberrations, and Surprising Deviations

4 min readDec 11, 2022


Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

1. “COVID Syndrome”

Seems like everyone is either sick or coughing lately. Not only that, I see few people covering their mouths anymore.

This is a symptom of what I call “Covid Syndrome”. Sickness has become so normalized in the last few years that people won't even bother to cover their mouths anymore. During the pandemic, we communicated online plenty but spent less time in public. The social mores that were expected in common places diminished during the last few years of isolation and alienation.

Additionally, all the folks that condemned the virus as a hoax are so pissed about having their freedoms taken away, so now they’ve come out swinging by propagating a lawless society.

Covid Syndrome is a result of deprivation, and the subsequent entitlement is what we’re all dealing with now.

“I didn't get to do what I wanted the last few years, so now I am owed a time to do whatever I want without consequences.”

Photo by Srikanta H. U on Unsplash

2. Christmas Scams

Gift cards: Gift card theft is rampant. If you put it in an envelope, someone along the delivery chain can steal it without much of a trace or any retribution. Send your gift cards to loved ones in a box. It costs more but will be more insurance for it getting there. Or..just get an E-Card.

Fraudsters steal gift cards from the corner store, get the code, put new foil over them, and then return them from the store. Once they are activated, they get an alert and use the credit for themselves. Buy gift cards from a secure area and check for any tampering.

Don’t deal with anyone who demands gift cards as payment. Since they are untraceable, it is the brightest red flag that you are dealing with someone illegitimate.

Grocery Store Charity at Checkout: During Xmas time, you will hear cashiers ask you if you’d like to donate or round-up for a charity. The grocery stores take your donation and…