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The Real Reason For The Anti-Abortion Sentiment In America

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6 min readApr 24, 2022


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Abortion is not really a religious issue, but clever and powerful people have made it that way. There’s nothing specific in the Bible about abortion, but the religious right loves this issue for a reason.

The Rich

The Catholic or Evangelical Right loves getting American citizens razzled about abortion because it plays into corporate and individual interests as they relate to wealth. It’s all about money. If you research the top richest 500 richest families in America, most of them heavily donate to religious interests, the politicians that support them, and groups that advocate for abortion and other right-wing interests.

Have you noticed every time there’s an anti-abortion rally or Planned Parenthood entrance, you see all these people standing outside with signs and yelling? It’s not an accident. These people are paid to be there. There are countless small religious organizations around America that collect funding from the rich people in America to go and rally against anything that would help a woman get an abortion. These small groups get large donations from donors, so they can do the dirty work on behalf of these rich people who have found a cheap way to serve their interests without getting involved. The protestors get paid and feel like they are doing something right, and the rich funding it collects the profit from the outcome.

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You might be thinking…why are the wealthy Right people so adamant about preventing abortion and willing to pay so much for groups to advocate against it? They clearly don't really care about American lives or the potential for life, but the birth of a baby helps them a lot. A baby born is an asset to increase their wealth.

A baby will eventually:

  • Pay taxes
  • Vote
  • Buy products and pharmaceuticals
  • Fight in wars
  • Provide cheap labor