The Real Threat Of Global Warming

Us vs. Us

4 min readNov 8, 2023


Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash

I believe that climate change and global warming are real and they terrify me. The Earth itself will be fine, but our species can only survive in certain conditions, and the probability of these conditions being maintained seems increasingly less day by day.

But I’m not so worried about dying via climate directly. I am most worried about the socio-political consequences that will be our undoing.

For humans, Climate change is Social change. Here’s what worries me:

Massive Migration

Global warming is causing sea levels to rise, though I’m not worried about drowning at the moment. The fact is people who live along the coast or are too hot will need to move progressively inward. Current tensions between Israel and Palestine or America and North Korea may vanquish, but only to be replaced by many more tensions over space.

One misconception about the origins of war is that it’s mostly about money, politics, or religion. But most wars are fights over land.

What happens when everyone from Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia) has to move inward to China? What happens when the entire Southern U.S. has to move to the North? War.

People of different religions and cultures colliding is a big problem, but probably the least in this massive migration. Where will migrants live and work? Trump’s Wall and Europe’s strong anti-immigration efforts seem like mere appetizers for what’s to come. Millions of more people migrating can only lead to war and genocide. Our socio-political structure will change in a way that a lot of the world will have to be first dehumanized and then dealt with for the sake of preserving the lives of those who want to keep their land.


As the Earth gets warmer, colder climates will define the world’s superpowers. The biggest worry is Russia and China. For a long time, large parts of it have been cold and barely inhabitable, but it could become the world’s desirable real estate. Siberia could go from the home of gulags to the most fertile land and preferable living space.